Simon Birch

Simon Birch is a British born artist who is a permanent resident of Hong Kong. A painter known for the kinetic, cinematic quality of his figurative works, Birch is also naturally attracted to the medium of film. He has been the conceptual force behind large-scale, collaborative, and site-specific multimedia projects integrating paintings with film, installation, sculpture, and performance housed in specifically configured spaces, including the celebrated exhibitions HOPE & GLORY: A Conceptual Circus (Hong Kong and Beijing, 2010) and Daydreaming With…The Hong Kong Edition (Hong Kong, 2012), each involving collaboration across cultures as well as media. Birch’s works have been exhibited in solo shows in Beijing, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Miami, and Singapore, and in group shows at the Hong Kong Museum of Art the Haunch of Venison, London, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. Birch’s work has been featured and reviewed in many international publications, including Artforum, The Guardian, The International Herald Tribune, and The New York Times.​

Birch is the conceptual and creative initiator of The 14th Factory Project, working collaboratively and individually on every aspect of the project, and founder of The 14th Factory Foundation.