Artists Activation This Weekend

Still of dance artist Nicola Collie. Credit: Nicola Collie

We are excited to share this weekend’s programming created in collaboration with local artists and performers. You will be able to access all performances of the same day with a regular general admissions entry. Please join us for these unique activations and reserve your spot here!


Nicola Collie
Dance at Clear Air Turbulence and Tannhauser // 2.30pm & 8pm

Nicola Collie’s artistic practice often begins with filmed improvisation prior to setting choreography with the aim of eliciting direct emotional and physical response to a site-specific environment. Nicola references the more subtle movement of the human form through manipulating pedestrian movement to challenge how the physical body is considered.

Nicola Collie is a New Zealand born dance artist based between Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles. Check out a compilation of her dance performances in 2017 here.

For more information: Nicola Collie IG: @niccollie

Brady Keehn from Sextile
Soundscape Activation at Garlands // 3pm & 8.30pm

Brady Keehn from Sextile, will provide a unique soundscape experience to Garlands room. Sextile is self described as ‘primitive post punk from outer space’. Clash magazine describes them as ‘a formative part of the Los Angeles underground, a group whose noise-driven approach fuses the more groundbreaking elements of cold wave and post-punk with a deeply modern sense of the visceral.’ On a side note, Brady is also one of our treasured team members at The 14th Factory!

For more information: Sextile Facebook: @sextileband

Still from a performance by szalt dance co. Credit:

szalt (dance co.)
Dance at Jubilee and Garlands // 4.30pm

The work szalt (dance co.)  will bring to The 14th Factory is titled “to hear __________ explode”, which explores lines of communication with life outside of earth by means of mechanical, sonic energy and the human body. The 30 minute durational and improvised score is heavily inspired by moon cycles, dream symbols, distance, light and darkness, gravity, isolation, machinery, organic matter, apocalypse, rebirth.

The work features szalt (dance co.) responding to electronic sonic blankets and signals created in real-time by electro-acoustic musicians Jonathan Snipes and Louis Lopez. Dancers will wear delicate mesh garments designed by LA based textile designer Amabelle Aguiluz.

szalt (dance co.) is a collection of Los Angeles movers, collaborating with musicians and visual artists led by dancer and choreographer, Stephanie Zaletel.

For more information: szalt (dance co.) 



Music activation at Garlands // 2pm & 3.30 pm

Join us for a performance by local singer/song writer Arecaceae, who plays acoustic psych folk and also owns and runs a independent cassette label. This is part of a series of music programming curated by Christopher Lopez, who is the creative director for a performing arts program at Abraham Lincoln High School in Lincoln Heights named The EMTT Group .

Don’t miss these unique performances at The 14th Factory this weekend!

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