The 14th Factory’s Creative Minds: Scott Carthy

Solitary human figures are filmed moving in slow motion through the air, twisting and turning, flying and falling. At times these figures seem almost to freeze in space, in a position that looks explosive. We seem to have caught a snapshot of a life twisting and convulsing, propelled by an invisible force, caught in an endless state of flux. Or are these young men propelling themselves forward into space, navigating gravity? Falling and flying — kathados and anodos – the shared human experience.
The title of this work was inspired by NITRO DELUXE‘s seminal 1986 House track of the same name.

Meet Scott Carthy – the Irish Director and Filmmaker behind This Brutal House.

After finishing his Graphic Design degree in 2014, he travelled between New York and Ireland producing and shooting his first series of acclaimed short films. Carthys observational style is intimate and raw, and explores and celebrates various individual and group identities across the globe. This Brutal House, based on a concept by his good friend and 14th Factory Creator Simon Birch, with a soundtrack by Gary Gunn, captures Carthy’s subjects candidly and beautifully.

This week Scott returns to Los Angeles to visit The 14th Factory. Catch him on Saturday April 29th 2-4 pm at the gift shop answering audience questions and hanging out. Come by and say hello!

Carthy also directed and produced the trailer for The 14th Factory