Yang Zhichao

Yang Zhichao is one of China’s most controversial and compelling performance artists, and an installation artist based in Beijing. He is known for his extreme performances that embrace pain and direct interventions into his own body. For instance, he has grown grass on his back, had sand surgically implanted into this stomach, been branded with his passport number, and had a foreign metal object implanted into his leg. Yang uses his body as a tool to seek and elicit responses to Chinese contemporary social events. His work expresses how, in an age of science and technology, our bodies no longer belong to ourselves but to society and the state. While the personal pain involved in his work has become a part of Yang’s experience and a means of communication to engage the larger world, he constantly explores new expressions to make sense of China’s past in order to understand its future.

Yang has performed and exhibited his work both in China and abroad, including the famous “Fuck Off” show staged in 2000 at the Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai; and in exhibitions at the Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, the Dadao Live Art Festival, Beijing , and a tour of major institutions in the UK, among others.

In The 14th Factory, Yang Zhichao will be on site for an extended period, creating a performative work that engages with the audience. He is also featured in the film The Dormouse and in a painting in the gallery installation Jubilee.