Sara Tse

Sara Tse is a ceramic artist living and working in Hong Kong. Tse’s beautifully crafted work engages in an examination of the fragility of things and experiences within the everyday. Her transformation of common objects into porcelain and clay often reconstruct forgotten experiences from the archetypal moments of lived experience: childhood to motherhood, present to future. Her recent works also focus on narratives of Chinese diaspora, exposing a deeper autobiographical content. Tse graduated with a BA in Fine Arts (Honours) from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and an MFA from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. She is chairman of the Hong Kong Ceramics Association and her work is in a number of museum institutions internationally, including the Queensland Art Gallery, Ceramic Art Foundation, Japan; and the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

In The 14th Factory Tse has transformed the fabric flags in The Standard installation by casting their folded forms into porcelain.