Paul Kember

KplusK associates are a collective of architects and designers based in Hong Kong, founded by brothers Paul and Johnny Kember. Committed to the production of integrated modern architecture, the collective aims to create highly personalized environments, combining ergonomic and technological concerns. KpluK’s mantra is that sensuality in Architecture must also engage with the issues of sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. KplusK currently expands on these tenets in eight different countries. KplusK’s various buildings, interiors and competition projects have won them over 30 regional and international design awards. KplusK collaborated previously collaborated with Simon Birch on the design of several built structures for Birch’s multiple-media project Hope & Glory (Hong Kong, 2010).

In the 14th Factory, KplusK, with Paul Kember as lead architect, designed the structural environment of The Meteor installation, in collaboration with Simon Birch, and re-imagined and designed the installation The Barmecide Feast, a facsimile of a set piece in Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. In an amazing case of serendipity, the Kembers’ uncle and great-uncle were both designers who worked on the original sets in Kubrick’s film.