Movana Chen

Movana Chen is an award-winning fabric and performance artist from Hong Kong. She frequently incorporates her work into performative contexts and community art actions. Since 2004, Chen has been creating an ongoing project of knitting “magazine clothes” from shredded books and magazines. By rearranging and constructing new clothes out of shredded papers, Chen subverts the function of garments as a way to examine the traditional relationships between clothing and the media, consumption and commerce. Chen’s major ongoing international project, Knitting Conversations, invites the audience for hands-on participation in knitting sections of a tapestry made from the shredded pages of books relevant to a particular context or person, creating a cross-cultural, cross-border dialogue and embedded connection into the fabric of the work. Movana has held workshops and performances all over the world—most recently in Istanbul, Moscow and Siberia– and her fabric art is in private and public collections internationally.

In The 14th Factory, Movana will be on-site for a three-week period to work with the audience on her interactive community knitting project, linking Lost Angeles audiences with an international community of participants.