Li Wei

Li Wei is a Beijing-based contemporary artist. His work is a mixture of performance art and photography that creates illusions of a sometimes dangerous, often gravity-defying reality through the use of acrobatics, mirrors and other effects. In many of his performative photographs, the artist does indeed place himself in precarious situations, with performances shot on high buildings, suspended over lakes, plunging into ice holes, etc. While humorous on the surface, Li’s work has a strong element of social critique on issues from gender relations to politics. He particularly addresses the sense of displacement and constriction created by the destruction of open spaces and countryside in China through rapid development. With this concern Wei has created art that expresses the feeling of ‘breaking free’, art pieces that show the hunger and will to break away from limitations and confinement. Li Wei’s artwork has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America and has appeared on the cover of numerous publications including Flashart and Zoom.

In The 14th Factory, Li Wei will be on site for an extended period to create a performance project within the installation environment. In addition, a group of Li Wei’s performative photographs are featured in the Garlands installation environment. Li Wei also appears in the film The Dormouse, and in a portrait in the Jubilee gallery installation.