Doug Foster

Doug Foster is a video artist based in the UK. Originally an award-winning producer, lighting designer, and commercial director, he was formally with the renowned Blink Productions as a commercials director and garnered some of the advertising industry’s highest awards for his films. Foster began to devote himself full time to art-making in 2006. Through large-scale film and projection installations, his has explored the undertakings of human ordeal and trauma. His first works were a set of finely crafted film installations that explore the lengths that people will go to when faced with serious challenges. He went on to create large-scale projection installations that aspire to beguile at a more primal level by imposing perfect symmetry on irregular forms from nature to evoke pseudo-biological imagery. Foster has exhibited his work in the UK and internationally, including in Daydreaming With…The Hong Kong Edition (Hong Kong 2012) and more recently in No Beginning, No End at the Royal Festival Hall (2014) and Daydreaming With Stanley Kubrick (2016).

In The 14th Factory, Foster has conceived and directed the monumental video projections The Dormouse and The Marvel, in collaboration with Simon Birch.